AB de Villiers: UAE heat pose a huge challenge for all sides

Published:18 September 2020

AB de Villiers cricket team

AB de Villiers claims that the prevailing hot and humid conditions in the UAE will pose the biggest challenge for all sides in the forthcoming Indian Premier League.

De Villiers told the media that, ““I am not really used to these kinds of conditions to be honest. It's very hot, it reminds me of a Test match we played in July in Chennai once where Viru (Virender Sehwag) scored 300. It was one the hottest weather conditions I have experienced in my life.”

He said that the humidity is similar, even at 10 in the evening, and he checked the weather conditions for a few months when he arrived in the UAE and it seems to be getting better. It will certainly play a part and they have to make sure they have the stamina for the back-end of the innings or the last 5 overs of the bowling spell.

He further explained during the interview, "I think obviously all are used to playing in front of crowds on a big stage, there is certainly an amount of adrenaline that is pumped into you when it gets really loud, especially in Chinnaswamy when the RCB crowd gets going. It’s difficult to stop the RCB team. So, we’ll miss that, there is no doubt about it. “

He also disclosed that he will not say that he is not used to it because he played a lot of cricket in empty stadiums and grew up like that, he has only played in front of crowds in his international career.

After a long break due to COVID-19 pandemic, De Villiers said every player was excited to be back on the field. The inaugural 3TC Solidarity Cup organised by Cricket South Africa in July was De Villiers' first foray into cricket during the pandemic.