If you missed it: Australia wins, CPL ends, CSA faces a new crisis

Published:16 September 2020

CPL ends cricket team

Australian coach Justin Langer admitted that after the criticism of the great West Indies Michael Holding, his team could have considered kneeling on their England trip.

Cricketers in England and the West Indies adopted this posture in each of the three tests conducted in July to show their support for the campaign against racial injustice.

This practice was repeated in the one-day match between England and Ireland, but was not repeated in subsequent series against Pakistan and Australia.

CPL ends cricket team
Holding was an outstanding fast bowler in the successful West Indies team in the 1970s and 1980s. He accused the English boss and Australian captain Aaron Finch of declaring "lam feet". Said it ended the kneeling behavior.

But England’s fast bowler Jofra Archer said that Harding (Holding) did not know what was going on behind the scenes, nor did he “complete the research”. Born in Barbados, he insisted that the team and officials continue to work on “ "Black Life Issues" campaign.

Langer hinted that Holding might have something to say. He said on Tuesday’s conference call: “When Mikey says what he says, it’s definitely worth listening to. Speaking of knees, let’s be honest, We can talk more about it, maybe it may lead to the first game.

"There are so many things that led us to come here, maybe we should talk more about it."

The former Australian Open batsman added: "What we are talking about in the team is that we want to have a sustained and strong response, and this response can be not only one action, but also a period of time. Not only in the entire series and summer, but also throughout the time.

"I just hope it looks like there is a lack of respect. This is not the intention of our team. We understand this very well."

Lange spoke before the third game on Wednesday and decided to play a one-day international match against England at Old Trafford.

Australian star Batman Steve Smith missed the first two games after being shot to the head in the practice match last Thursday and has not played yet.

Australia has repeatedly insisted that despite passing two concussion tests, Smith rested purely as a preventive measure.

Lange said Smith will return to the Nets on Tuesday and "go in the right direction" when he plays against England in the Tour Finals.