Pony starts cricket, TNCA waits

Published:10 September 2020

9Starc-close cricket team

Chennai: The Pondicherry Cricket Association (CAP) became the first association in the country to resume cricket activities during the Covid-19 pandemic after obtaining the necessary permits from the government. CAP will begin preparations on September 16, and will conduct selection trials for all groups (male and female). Next is the preparation camp. A CAP official said: "We have obtained approval from the Pondicherry government to conduct trials and even host competitions. We strictly abide by the health and safety regulations set forth by the Ministry of the Interior."

Although Pondicherry received the green signal to resume cricket, the situation of the Tamil Nadu Cricket Association (TNCA) remains unclear. Since the state government has not issued a "standard operating procedure" (SOP), TNCA has no choice but to wait. TNCA Secretary RS Ramaswamy told TOI: "Once the SOP enters, we will decide when to resume cricket. At present, we are proposing to restart the conflict in the TNCA league before November." If the SOP is coming next week, TNCA will need time. To prepare for the game, players will also need several weeks to play before they can resume the league.

Due to the ongoing covid-19 pandemic, most state associations across the country have cancelled local leagues for the 2019-20 season. However, TNCA chose not to do so. "We only have three games left in the first division (two semi-finals and two finals). In the lower league there are nearly 100 games yet to be over, so our priority is to finish the game first." Maswami. He added that it will be decided in the next few weeks to establish a possible camp for the senior state side before the domestic season.