Mitchell Starc: The shortage of cricket in the past five months has cost Australia PartII

Published:8 September 2020

9Starc-close cricket team

"It’s slightly different from England, England has participated in six (five) T20 matches in the past few months. We played international cricket here and won, but I think that’s where we can look. And we said that we have left a little bit. We hope that at certain critical moments, we can now see two games, readjust our plans, and hope that the third game and the one-day series of games can also solve our execution problems. "

Assessing Butler's impact on the game, in stark contrast with Vinci and Warner's inability to beat their opponents in the first game, Stark said that the English Open has completed his work.

He said: "In terms of constructing a game, our batsmen will have their own plans and play their roles." "I don't think we have too many bats like Jos, he is a crease often The people moving around, I guess this is Smith [Steven Smith]. But as for someone who is destructive in a powerful game and gets the team until the end, this is what you want the corkscrew to do.

"He is a clean forward for the ball. He must have taken them home with a racket today. When someone asked him to hit them in the same way he did in the past two games, it was so powerful in T20 because of its format. Very short. This is the third game we have to plan now. We need to chat as a group and prepare to participate in a day trip."

Stark showed the same side in the first two games. He said that the selection needs to keep in mind that there will be too many repairs with the team so close to the T20 World Cup, and the T20 World Cup plan starts now. Held in India. Mitchell Marsh, Marnus Labuschagne and Nathan Lyon waited in the wings.

Stark said: "This is not about distributing matches. If the selectors think they will help us win a cricket match, then I think that is the way to go." "But we will host two World Cups in the next two years. This is an opportunity to [play the best side]-there was no T20 cricket before the World Cup, so no matter the game is over, you will not waste time. So, from a longer-term perspective, I think we only have five months There is no cricket game, so I think everyone is enjoying the opportunity to play and improve. Of course we can make progress in the first two games."