Mitchell Starc: The shortage of cricket in the past five months has cost Australia PartI

Published:8 September 2020

9Starc-close cricket team

Mitchell Starc believes that Australia's good performance in the first match of the 20 International Invitational against England was due to the lack of cricket matches after the seven-month rally caused by the coronavirus. result.

As it turns out, the Southampton stadium is more vivid than what captain Aaron Finch expected when he chose to play first. After failing to complete the opening game on Friday to raise familiar issues with mid-level batting, the visitors chose to avoid chasing yesterday's second set and were only driven away due to a fierce attack from England in the opening fire.

From there, the Australians always have to fight for the championship number, let Jos Buttler (Jos Buttler) do what Vinci and David Warner (David Warner) failed to do in the first game , Hit the situation to see the host win a series of wins in a game played on Tuesday.

Stark said: "This is not an excuse, but it is not helpful to have no cricket game for five consecutive months." "You can't really simulate an international game by playing the net or practicing center. And the T20 cricket match is so short. In the long run, these small moments really cost us. We are some distance from our position. I want to be. I think it comes from game time.

"Hopefully now we can solve this problem in the third game, and then continue the one-day game, and now prove that we have the game time, we can make these plans correctly, and execute better than the original plan. Two T20s, just like in the first game, when we control the T20 and make it slip a little from the racket, and in England, you will not take it back. There are still many bats and balls. Good thing. I think we only have that little gap, and I think you benefited from playing cricket."

So far, Stark's rhythm in both games is pretty good. He said he has witnessed the progress of the two games with his own eyes and hopes to maintain this trend in the short tour.

He said: "My plan is very simple." "I think the execution of the first game has dropped slightly, and today I feel pretty good. [Probably] I didn't execute the way I wanted with just one or two goals. It didn’t take a lot of time. Anyway, I’ve been playing for three and a half months, almost four months. This is the intensity of the game. International cricket will always progress from the step of having a central goal kick as we did the last time. . Divide into small groups during the week and network meetings.