He may be Australia’s best hitter right now, but Marnus Labuschagne will have to wait for T20’s turn

Published:4 September 2020

Germany cricket team

Captain Aaron Finch said that despite embarking on a dizzying trip to England, Australia's Marnus Labuschagne may have to wait for his Twenty20 international debut.

Labuschagne was the breakthrough star of the Ashes sport in England last year. He scored 100 points on 51 goals at the opening of the T20 trial on Tuesday.

However, as Finch and David Warner became the opening remarks, and Batman Steve Smith became the well-deserved number one player, the 26-year-old may not be able to force himself into Australia to play in England.

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The first match between the two top teams in the three-player T20 series was held in Southampton on Friday.

Vinci said on Thursday's conference call: "At present, we are very satisfied with the structure of the T20."

"He (La Bouchagne) performed well the day before, but I think he may need to wait a little longer in the T20 cricket match.

"He has the opportunity to hit the ball at the top, and he hits the ball more frequently than most other players, and hits the ball in the gap, which is a good formula for T20 cricket and all cricket.

"He played beautifully the other day. He played a hundred games and it was great."