We can do it: forced immigration and cricket in Germany PartII

Published:1 September 2020

Germany cricket team

The recent influx of forced immigration has inevitably raised the level of cricket in Germany. The emergence of new players and clubs in the regional leagues has surged to 50 German Bundesliga and T20 DCB Club Cups. Indeed, in the 2019 Bundesliga final, the former Pakistan Premier League representative Musaddiq Khan and former Afghanistan international Izatullah Dawlatzai forward Kumodfeld SV won victory. Similarly, SG Findorff is a team composed of Bremen, headquartered in Bremen, composed of Pakistanis and Afghans, including former top Afghan player Hamid Wardak, who broke into the final of the European Cricket League (ECL) in 2019. In the process, they defeated the Danish champion Swanholm Cricket Club.

More and more players have also improved the quality of the German national team. For example, the former Afghanistan international, Amir Mangal and Asad Mohammad, have become refugees in Germany. Bringing valuable experience into an already diverse country, including skilled visa holders, immigration colleges, immigrants relocating to German families, and foreign passport holders of German descent. Like elsewhere, there have been many migrations in the portraits of the German national cricket team.

Germany cricket team

Innovative ideas such as German Cricket TV have emerged, partly because of the huge demand for domestic cricket content from new immigrants and the accessibility of social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

The growth of social and competitive opportunities for cricket has also brought positive socio-psychological and comprehensive effects to forced immigrants who have suffered persecution, displacement and trauma, and thus made a positive contribution to the German national immigration integration strategy after 2015. Mantle witnessed the benefits of playing cricket:

"The German government gave them a roof and put some food in their stomachs, but this is not enough for an energetic young man. He is not allowed to work. Maybe there are some German lessons, but life There is no center...so he participates in cricket training once a week in the summer, and he plays games on Saturday and Sunday, which gives him some meaning in life, a certain way of behavior...a social network of friends and friends... Meet with people who may have been in Germany longer. Therefore, he has some understanding of living in this country and living here."