Bio bubbles, no crowds, but this is a wonderful summer for testing cricket PartI

Published:27 August 2020

Bio bubbles cricket team

The omen is not good, but cricket in England, West Indies and Pakistan is exciting and inspiring

The unique summer of testing cricket is over. Let us hope that it remains unique and will never need to test the game behind closed doors. However, it was an exhilarating experience.

Mike Brearley talked about his new book "The Spirit of Cricket" on Radio 4's "Today" on Tuesday, and he was asked whether this concept is now outdated. He immediately disagreed and pointed out the way to participate in the three-way competition in the test competition this summer: high morale but mutual respect. In the right spirit.

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Despite various obstacles and doubts, these two series have greatly improved the level of cricket testing. In the past few weeks, it has stirred up heated debates about Joe’s captain, Jos’ goalkeeper, Joe Fra’s bowling and Jimmy’s future. There is also bloody weather. No one has ever discussed the establishment of such a timetable, the timetable to overcome so many obstacles and obstacles, and depends entirely on whether the broadcaster’s audience exceeds three numbers, this is not discussed. This conclusion-not only among accountants-has been reached some time ago. worth it.

All parties have responded well to the obstacles caused by the epidemic, including the England and Wales Cricket Committee. They must turn very quickly in order to flexibly and proactively program the back door. Soon, we all realized the necessity of biological foam. Maybe, maybe, now they can show the same attributes in their plans for the 2021 season.

The grace of saving comes from the quality of of. Of course, it was flawed and sometimes messy, but it was always the case later. But this is obviously important for all players. The intensity of the matches against West India and Pakistan is easy to see; these are not exhibition games, but cricket. The game is compelling because everyone cares about who will win. This is another thing you should pay attention to when considering the domestic plan for 2021, which currently includes teams that are meaningless to anyone.