Shakib Hassan may return to the international stage on the Sri Lanka Tour

Published:12 August 2020

Shakib bangladesh cricket team

After Shakib Al Hasan’s suspension period ends on October 29, he may return to the Bangladesh team immediately, and Sri Lanka is a good place for him to come back. The trip to Sri Lanka in Bangladesh has almost been confirmed, and as the travel plan develops, Shakib may at least appear in the proposed three-person T20I series.

According to SLC CEO Mohan de Silva (Mohan de Silva), the two committees have reached an agreement on a departure date for Bangladesh, but after the BCB asked for a three-match T20I series, the two committees Still discussing whether they should be two or three. The test series of the competition. In addition to the original travel schedule.

Shakib will start training at BKSP, Bangladesh’s largest sports academy next month, so the Bangladesh team’s management is likely to follow his progress in overall fitness.

Head coach Russell Domingo said that Shakib's return will depend on his fitness level and may also depend on his playing time. However, he compared Shakib's year-long cricket break with current Bangladeshi players, who had to sit for six months without any live action due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Shakib Hassan bangladesh cricket team

Domingo told ESPNcricinfo: “I think Shakib’s one year out is not much different from six to seven months in our other teams.” “We hope that all players are suitable. Obviously, they need to reach some standard physical fitness level. . We have to arrange some game time for Shakib and all the players. This is very difficult. You can enter international cricket without any cricket. I think we need to find some opportunities for him to play. He is a world-class player, so I believe he will re-enter cricket soon, but good health is an important thing."

Domingo, however, said that Shakib will have to participate in informal cricket matches as a suspended cricket player, so in the next few months, much depends on his physical condition and net practice . "This is a question we have to discuss with the selectors. I don't think he can play any official games before October 29, so all the games he plays must be unofficial games. This may be a cross-team game, but we need to get it Know if he can play.

"He must make sure that he is in good health and start hitting and bowling. Once we are assembled and then set off for Sri Lanka-when the tour is confirmed-we will be closer to making a decision. There is still some time to go; It’s only August now. His ban is completed in two and a half months. When he is healthy, we will cross that bridge."

On Tuesday, SLC head De Silva said that Bangladesh’s departure date is almost fixed, namely September 24, but the committee is still two days away from finalizing the travel plan. Silva told Dhaka’s Maasranga TV station: “It’s more or less (completed).” “We are actually negotiating. They [BCB] want to participate in three T20I and three. Testing. Therefore, we are actually negotiating with them to reduce one test before proceeding with T20I. We will confirm this within a day or two."