Dan Lawrence leaves England due to bereavement

Published:11 August 2020

Dan Lawrence bangladesh cricket team

Dan Lawrence, who left England's biosecurity bubble due to family bereavement, will miss his second chance to make his debut in the Ajas Bowl test against Pakistan on Thursday.

Lawrence is 23 years old and has been appointed as one of the England reserve batsmen to test the leg in the summer of England. After Ben Stokes left the team for family reasons, the second round of testing may be included.

Fast bowler Ollie Robinson withdrew from the Bob Willis Trophy against Kent in Sussex this week to strengthen England's seam options before the second Test. However, the management chose not to replace Lawrence in the Party of 18.

This means that Zac Crowley may be the beneficiary of Stokes' absence, which was omitted in the last two tests to include an additional seam. England goalkeeper and batsman James Blassie and Ben Fox are the other two batting options at the disposal of England.

Jos Butler was one of England’s heroes to win on Saturday. Although his father was taken to the hospital during the game, he still won the game.

Dan bangladesh cricket team

When talking about the team environment before Lawrence’s press release, James Anderson praised the current management’s efforts to ensure that the mental health of the players is taken into account, especially the captain Joe Root and the head coach Chris Hill. Furwood.

Anderson said: "I do think cricket is more compassionate now." "It must have gotten better. We often take this game very seriously-I have done it this week-for some people. , This is a lot of money.

"But nothing is more important than family. Joe and Chris are undoubtedly brought under their leadership: family comes first. This group of players unite and provide help where it is needed."