Female players will participate in individual practice from August 10th

Published:10 August 2020

Female bangladesh cricket team

The Bangladesh national women's team players will begin today (August 10) to participate in the second phase of individual practice arranged by the Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB). Previously, only the male team members participated in the first stage of the practice.

Nine women's team members will start individual practice in three locations. Sher-e-Bangla National Cricket Stadium (SBNCS) in Dhaka, Sheikh Abu Naser Stadium (SANS) in Khulna and Shaheed Chandu Stadium (SCS) in Bogra It is the selected venue for these three female players.

girl player bangladesh cricket team
    The players for the second phase of the practice sessions are :
  1. Jahanara Alam (Dhaka)
  2. Rumana Ahmed (Khulna)
  3. Salma Khatun (Khulna)
  4. Sharmin Sultana (Bogra)
  5. Sharmin Akter Supta (Dhaka)
  6. Khadija Tul Kubra (Bogra)
  7. Nahida Akter (Dhaka)
  8. Shamima Sultana (Dhaka)