Introduction to the rules of cricket

Published:7 July 2020

Introduction to the rules of cricket

The so-called cricket, also called cricket, is a sport that is very popular in India, England, Pakistan, and Australia. It mainly trains athletes’ hand-eye coordination and control of upper limb movements. It requires skill and strength. movement. Cricket is mainly composed of three parts: batting, pitching, and receiving. The two teams consist of 11 players, one team is attacking and the other team is defending.

All the players on the pitching side are on the court, one pitcher and one catcher, and the remaining nine are distributed around the court, while the hitting side can only have two players on the field at a time. After the bowler throws the ball, the opponent's batter hits the ball and needs to manage to complete the running scoring, usually one point can be scored by jumping between the two goal posts.

The batter hits the ball and scores 4 points, and out of bounds scores 6 points.
If there are 10 players out of the hitting side, the game is over and each side can have a substitute, but the substitute can only keep the ball.
If the team feels that there are enough points, it can unilaterally request the end of the game. This situation usually occurs more often in the round without restrictions.

In a cricket match, the pitcher will try to get the opponent's batter out of the game. The main methods are:

1. If the batter's leg blocks the ball that originally hit the goal post, the batter is out.
2. The bowler hits the goal post and the batsman is out.
3. If the pitcher catches the ball hit by the hitter and the ball does not land, the hitter is out.
4. Intentionally hit the ball a second time.
5. When the batter is running, the receiver of the pitcher is always ready to hit the goalpost with the ball. If the catcher hits the goalpost with the ball before the batter runs back to the boundary of the hitting zone, the hitter Out.
6. After a batting player goes off the court and the substitute batter does not arrive within three minutes, the batter is out.
7. The batter catches the ball with his hand.
8. The hitter did not hit the ball during the hitting and left the boundary of the hitting zone. After the catcher hit the three-post goal with the ball before the hitter returned, the hitter was out
Game time: There is no set time for the cricket game. In an international game, each game is about six hours or more, up to five days, and each team plays two innings. The single-day game refers to each team playing only one round of games with limited rounds. The single-day games are divided into international single-day games and international 20-20 games. The former is 50 rounds per side, and the latter is 20 rounds per side, which makes the long game full of intenseness.