How to Play Break Poker

Published:22 September 2021

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Break Poker is a rummy-inspired card game that resembles Pai Gow Poker in specific ways. Each player and the dealer are dealt seven cards in the game. Five cards must be chosen from those seven and divided into a two-card low hand and a three-card high hand. In the same way that the low hand cannot beat the high hand in Pai Gow Poker, the low hand cannot beat the high hand in this game.

Rules of Break Poker
One ordinary 52-card deck plus one joker is used to play the game. The joker is a semi-wild card that can complete a straight or three of a kind or as an ace.

In descending order, the following three-card hands are ranked:

In descending order, the following two-card hands are ranked:

When comparing individual hands, the game follows traditional poker rules. A-A-2, for example, defeats K-K-Q, while 3-A defeats K-Q.

A hand with a pair and a three of a kind pair and a straight is known as a Lucky Break. A Lucky Break hand overcomes a non-Lucky Break hand, regardless of the value of the individual two-card and three-card hands.

The player begins by placing the Main Bet. There are two potential side bets as well.

Each player analyzes his cards and chooses two cards for his low hand, three cards for his high hand, and the remaining two cards to discard.

The dealer shows his hole cards to the players.

The dealer must have at least a K-3-2 in the high hand to qualify. All Main Bets push1 if the dealer does not qualify.