Singapore Police warning against fake Singapore Pools websites and apps

Published:26 August 2021

ICC is confident

If you're going to buy Toto or 4D online, make sure you're on the Singapore Pools website, or you'll be wasting your money.

According to the police, scammers have imitated the lottery operator's website and mobile app, and consumers may come across them when surfing the Internet or the Google Play store.

Unsuspecting victims have placed bets with them, only to discover that their funds were made to other companies rather than Singapore Pools and that they had been duped. and are two spoof sites. is a reputable website.

Even if they are available on official internet app shops, police warned bettors to be wary of downloading phoney apps. People should check the app's validity on the official website.

Any fraudulent transaction involving a victim's e-payment account should be reported immediately to the victim's e-payment service provider.

Those who are unsure and require immediate police assistance should contact 999.

Those with information about these crimes can call the police at 1800-255-0000 or use this website to contact them.