Thai Hawker Wins 6Mil Baht Lottery Prize After Interpreting Numbers In Her Son's Dream

Published:12 August 2021

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Tithiya Bantaohome, a lady, was designated the first-place winner in the Government Lottery Office draw on April 1.

She owns a food shop near a school in Udon Thani and won THB6,000,000 from a lottery ticket she purchased at Kasikorn Bank.

Her winning lotto numbers were revealed to her in her son's dream.

In his dream, the son encountered a long-dead buddy who inquired, "Why are you still having trouble? Why aren't you wealthy yet?"

The son dreamed that his best buddy, who died in an accident last January, was wearing a shirt with the number 1970 printed on the chest, according to the Thai daily newspaper Khaosod.

The deceased then questioned the woman's son why he was impoverished and struggling before hurling a sack of fertiliser with money inside at him.

Tithiya Bantaohome then decoded the dream and purchased the winning lottery ticket 472270.

When it comes to the lottery, Thais can be quite superstitious, according to Thaiger.

Apart from dreams, some people purchase lottery tickets based on fortunate dates or ages, while others buy lottery tickets in response to unusual or miraculous events.

Some people buy lottery tickets matching the license plate number if a woman gives birth in a car.