T20 World Cup might postpone at the cause of IPL 2021 suspension

Published:12 May 2021

ICC is confident

After many players and support staff in the bio bubble tested positive for the coronavirus, the BCCI was forced to postpone the IPL 2021 after 29 games. As a result, the BCCI agreed to suspend the T20 Championship for an indefinite period to ensure the other players and members involved.

In October and November of this year, India will host the 2021 edition of the ICC T20 World Cup. Despite the caused by the coronavirus in India, the BCCI is assured that the tournament will be held there. Former Australian captain Ian Chappell, on the other hand, does not share these sentiments.

The postponement of IPL 2021, according to Chappell, has made people more aware of the game's instability as a result of the current pandemic. The veteran believes that the IPL's suspension could lead to the T20 World Cup being postponed or moved to a different location. The International Cricket Council (ICC) has specifically designated the United Arab Emirates (UAE) as the backup venue.

The 2021 IPL tournament was postponed due to increased Covid infections and deaths among the public and many participants testing positive, highlighting the game's vulnerability. The suspension of the IPL could set a precedent in the current catastrophic environment. It's possible that the World T20 tournament, scheduled for India later this year, will be postponed or rescheduled.

Chappell continued in his column by recalling a few instances in the past where the gentleman's game was interrupted for some reasons. The 77-year-old commented on the 1970-71 Boxing Day Test, which was postponed due to excessive rain and covered the way for the 50-over format.