With top candidate Muhammad Akram backing out, PCB struggling to name new chief selector

Published:15 December 2020

Muhammad Akram

After its top candidate backed out of working under the current selection system in the country, the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) is finding it difficult to name a new chief selector.

A source told the media that former pacer Muhammad Akram was the top candidate for the position of the chief selector, but he blacked out demanding that the board revert to the old selection system.

The board used to designate an independent 3-5 members national selection committee under the old system, led by a chief selector who chose the teams and had them approved by the board chairman.

Under the new system introduced in October 2019, the head coach of the national team Misbah-ul-Haq was also the chief selector and the other members of his committee were the head coaches of the 6 provincial sides competing in first-class domestic cricket competition.

The source disclosed that Muhammad Akram made it clear he did not want to work either under the current selection system or with the head coaches of provincial sides. He made it clear to the board that they would have to return to the old system of having an independent national selection committee if they wanted to make him chief selector.

Recently, Misbah stepped down as chief selector, mentioned that he wanted to concentrate on his role as head coach and found it hard to give time to both duties.