Three more Pakistan squad members test positive for Coronavirus in New Zealand

Published:3 December 2020

Pakistan squad members

There are 3 more members of the 54-member Pakistan squad in New Zealand, have been tested positive for Coronavirus, raising the total number of cases infected to 9.

According to an official source at the Pakistan Cricket Board, the New Zealand health authorities have reported that 3 of the tests results have returned positive while one of the test results is still pending.

The source said that the main thing is that these three positive cases are being investigated to determine whether they are historical cases or new infections cases.

Among the historical cases are understood to be pacer Muhammad Abbas and former captain Sarfaraz Ahmed.

The sources added that when 6 members tested positive earlier, 2 members turned out to be historical cases and they were permitted back to the side floor where they are in quarantine, while the other four are in quarantine on a different floor.

He said that It is known that historical cases are not suspected of transmitting infection to others because the required antibodies have been built up, but new infection cases are treated differently.

In an official statement, the New Zealand health officials said that swabs were taken yesterday from 46 members of the Pakistan cricket squad in Christchurch on Day 6 who until then had returned negative results for the Coronavirus.

Of such, 42 members subsequently returned a further negative test result. To assess if they are historical cases, three are still under investigation, and one test result is pending.