Donald Trump makes first official public appearance since losing US election | live score

Published:12 November 2020

Donald Trump makesl public appearance cricket live

For the first time after losing the U.S. election, Donald Trump appeared in public as he had visited the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington National Cemetery.

Mr Trump, who celebrated U.S. veterans in a steady rain ceremony, has spent the last few days at the White House tweeting false accusations of voter fraud since his defeat in the election.

Since President-elect Joe Biden exceeded the 270 electoral votes needed to win Saturday's presidency, he has made no public comments.

While Mr Trump's official schedule has been empty of public events, he has made some moves: sacking Secretary of Defense Mark Esper and naming three ardent loyalists in top defence positions.

Among the Pentagon brass that joined the president for the solemn Veterans Day ceremony was Mr Trump's replacement Christopher Miller to serve as acting defence secretary.

Meanwhile, in the critical states that went for Mr Biden, his legal team has filed a barrage of lawsuits claiming voter fraud.

The opposition of the Republican president to accepting the race's result has delayed the transition process.

As the winner of the election, the chief of the General Services Administration, a Trump appointee, has held off on certifying Democrat Mr Biden.

The qualification-known as certification-frees up funds for the transition and clears the way for the team of Mr Biden to start putting the transition process in place at agencies.

A visit to the Korean War Memorial in Philadelphia marked Veterans Day with the president-elect and his wife, Jill Biden.

Mr Trump again made unsupported allegations of "huge ballot-counting violence" from his Twitter account on Tuesday and predicted he would eventually win the election he had already lost. The social media network immediately flagged Mr Trump's tweets as controversial statements of election fraud.

Trump stayed at the White House since election day, except for weekend trips to his private golf club in northern Virginia, and last appeared before cameras to make a speech six days ago.

The president's false allegations have been encouraged by his supporters on Capitol Hill, headed by Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell.

They suggested that they are prepared to allow Mr Trump to spin out his electoral litigation and baseless charges of voter fraud for the next few weeks before the states certify the elections in early December and the Electoral College meets on December 14.

Mr Trump was joined by First Lady Melania Trump as well as Vice President Mike Pence and his wife Karen Pence at Arlington National Cemetery.