Azuri legend Vieri considers returning from cricket in Italy

Published:17 September 2020

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When an Italian football legend considered picking up the bat again, a BBL spinner seemed ready to represent his grandmother's country.

TuttoSport recently quoted Italian football hero Christian Vieri as saying that he has a desire to play cricket in Italy.

"I didn't know there was a cricket tournament in Italy. Now, I have found it. Even if I am a little rusty, I must be invited to the game because I haven't played for 20 years." Azzurri Legend ), represented Italy in two FIFA World Cups.

Vieri's meeting in Milan with Francesco Moscatelli, the Italian cricket joint conference member, made this speech a reality. Although Vieri may have just indulged some light jokes with Mr. Moscatelli, his passion for cricket is sincere.

Vieri (Vieri) grew up in Sydney, Australia during his growing years (between 4 and 14 years old), when his father played for Marconi in the National Soccer League. Overseas players. It was during this time that he caught the cricket bug and became a talented left-handed cricketer. In an interview with the British "Daily Mail" in 1998, he confirmed that the cricket match was actually his first love.

"To be honest, I'm not very good at playing football. I like cricket. When I started to score some high points for the men's team, I dreamed of becoming the next Allen border guard. Like that great man, I am a left-handed batsman and hope Participate in "The Ashes" and win the Australian Grand Prix."

Unfortunately, Vieri's cricket dream has not yet been realized because he must return to his hometown of Italy before his 15th birthday. However, the loss of cricket is the profit of football. After returning to Italy, in addition to representing Inter Milan, Juventus, Lazio and Atletico Madrid and other famous clubs, he also represented the Italian football team 49 times.

Vieri is a muscular and prolific striker who has scored 235 goals in his club career and 23 goals for the national team. In 2004, he was included in the list of 125 greatest living players in the FIFA Centenary Celebration by Pele.

If Federazione Cricket Italiana can get a well-known figure like Vieri to participate in domestic club cricket matches in any capacity, it will be a major coup.

According to Fabio Marabini, chairman of Federazione Cricket Italiana, the sport has experienced tremendous growth over the past decade, largely due to the increase in South Asian immigration. The campaign was even used by Ospiti, the Arrivo refugee advocacy organization in the northern Italian city of Udine, as a tool for immigration integration.

BBL player Ben Manenti debuts in Italy

In other Italian news, as long as the COVID-19 restrictions are relaxed, Big Bash League player Ben Manenti will play for the Italian national team for the first time. Italian passport holder Manenti was supposed to travel to Spain to participate in this year's European qualifiers, but unfortunately, the competition was postponed due to the coronavirus shutdown.

n his speech to, Manenti mentioned that he has been working hard to prepare for the upcoming cricket season, and hopes to make his debut in Italy next year with his brother Harry.

Manenti admitted that although he didn't know much about Italian local cricket, he was inspired by the opportunity to become an international cricket player and play for his grandmother's home country.

"I don't know what (quality) is like at all, but they are very enthusiastic. They play against Holland, Germany, Jersey and Guernsey, and they are all on the stable side. Hope it will open again because that's'd, The trip was good. I know it’s no big deal, but it’s still an experience."

Manenti made his first appearance in Big Bash in 2018 and spent a solid season with the Sydney 76ers last year. So far, Manenti has used 10 ticket gates in BBL, with an average of 26.40 and an economic rate of 6.95.