The chances of spectators preparing to return to Australian cricket to cheer have been minimized

Published:15 September 2020

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The crowd will return to international cricket matches for the first time since late March of this month, and it is confirmed that a limited audience will be able to participate in the Australia-New Zealand women’s match at the Allen Border Stadium in Brisbane, although viewers are encouraged to cheer them The sound is minimized.

Cricket Australia announced the availability of tickets for the T20I and ODI series on Monday, which will begin on September 26. According to the Queensland Government’s Covid-19 regulations (including everyone on the ground), the stadium’s capacity must not exceed 50% and there are various other agreements and restrictions. By Monday afternoon, T20 tickets were sold out.

One specific proposal made by Cricket Australia includes shouting and cheering to reduce the risk of droplet transmission. The guide states: “Try to keep shouting, singing, cheering or celebrating to avoid spreading.”

All tickets must be purchased online, and then viewers will use their mobile devices to swipe in and store detailed information for emergencies. The ground will be divided into six areas, and personnel are prohibited from moving outside of their designated areas.

The scope of Covid-19 measures that have become common in the past six months will be in place, including social isolation. Content such as selfies or autographs will not interact with players during the game. One aspect that still needs to be confirmed is what happens when the ball hits the crowd and returns to the playing field.

Members of the Australian team from New South Wales, Victoria and ACT, as well as the entire New Zealand Party, are currently in Brisbane for two weeks in isolation. During this time, they can train for three hours a day at Allan Border Field, and the rest of the Australian team will arrive next Monday. The two sides will have a warm-up match before the start of the international competition.

Since July, in all states and territories except Victoria, people of all sizes have been able to return to Australia to watch the winter sports codes. Whether MCG can hold a Boxing Day test against India is one of the key elements of the men’s international competition, depending on whether the crowd can return to a certain level at that time. Since Melbourne will work through the relaxation of restrictions, it is not expected that a final decision will be made in November.

The last international game held in Australia was the T20 World Cup final at MCG in March, where more than 86,000 people watched the home run match. Globally, the last match against the crowd was the T20I match between Bangladesh and Zimbabwe on March 11. Two days later, due to the increase in Covid-19 cases, the male ODI conducted on the SCG between Australia and New Zealand was conducted secretly. It was the last international competition until July, and the series was cancelled the next day.

The European Central Bank is about to complete a complete international men's football program in a condensed season, all of which are played behind closed doors in the Zegnas Bowl and the biosecurity bubble at Old Trafford. The English women's team will play against the West Indies in five T20I series in Derby from September 21st. The recently completed CPL is also working behind closed doors in Trinidad.

The United Kingdom has conducted small-scale trials, and fans have briefly been able to participate in cricket matches in a few counties, but due to the increase in the number of Covid, more plans have been shelved.