Who has qualified for 10,000 points in the T20 cricket competition but has never participated in the test?

Published:2 September 2020

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In the test, Garry Sobers' bowling strike rate exceeded 90. Is this the worst among people who have accepted more than 200 test gates? James Laird of Barbados asks

Indeed, Garry Sobers takes out a wicket every 91.9 balls, which is the worst blow rate for someone with more than 200 test wickets. However, we will not be too harsh on him, because he also scored more than 8,000 runs with an average of 57 points!

Next, surprisingly, he and his longtime West Indies teammate Lance Gibbs pitched very professionally, sending out the wicket every 87.7 dribbles. Next is the first professional fast bowler on the list, Bishan Bidi (one wicket per 80.3 goals), Daniel Vittori (79.5), Rich Beno (77), Derek Ender Wood (73.6) and Abdul Kadir (72.5) have 5 more spinners. Australian Graham McKenzie (Graham McKenzie) receives a goal every 71.8 goals.

At the time of writing this article, 77 bowlers used 200 or more wickets in the test. The best strike rate among them is Dale Steyn, who takes out a wicket every 42.3 goals, second only to Waqar Younis (43.4). Then there are Malcolm Marshall (46.7), Alan Donald (47), Mitchell Stark (48.1) and Fred Truman (49.4), these are the only others, each There are fewer than 50 balls waiting between wickets.

Is Zak Crawley's 267 points for Pakistan the highest test score? Rajiv Radhakrishnan from the UK asked

The short answer is yes: Zak Crawley scored 267 points against Pakistan in Southampton last weekend, which is higher than the previous stump highest victim Seymour Nurse's 258 points. 9 shots, and Nurse Seymour's result was his final test round. 1968-69 in Christchurch, New Zealand. There are now a total of 12 test rounds of 200 or more, ending in one endgame, two of which are Ricky Ponting.

The England Test cricket player has a number on the hat, which seems to be different from the Test-debut number on the shirt. What does the upper limit number represent? Waqar Ahmed of Pakistan asked

Sometimes the numbers you can find on the blocks of an England player have nothing to do with his position on the rookie roster for the first time in history, and are indeed on their jerseys – the one on the block can identify milestones, such as 25, 50, 75 or 100 Appearances. There are similar upper limits for day trips in England. The tradition began in 2010.

Kieron Pollard and Chris Gayle both ran more than 10,000 times in T20 cricket matches, but Pollard has not yet participated in the West Indies Test, and Gayle has played 103 Getty Images

Which current player has won ten test caps but has never participated in the advanced T20 competition? Brian Harrison of the UK asks

The person with this rather strange record is Jack Ritchie of Somerset Spinning Mill. In addition to participating in 10 test competitions, he has also participated in 78 other first-class competitions and 16 List A games-but he has never participated in Somerset or T20 in England.

On the issue of uneven career development, Mark Butcher scored 4288 points in 71 English tests, but never participated in a one-day international competition. Both figures are records of anyone participating since the first ODI in 1970-71. The Butcher has a good List A record in Surrey, and played some T20 games for them in the early format.

Who has qualified for 10,000 points in a T20 cricket match but has never participated in a test match? Jamie Stewart from Canada asks

This is a fairly simple example, because only two men have run more than 10,000 times in advanced T20 cricket, Chris Gayle has more than 13,000 players, of which more than 7,000 participated in the test, and Kieron Pollard (Kieron Pollard) has not appeared in the test game despite the 186 white West Indies football game. Pollard's last shot scored 10,000, which is not surprising. This was a T20I against Sri Lanka's Pallekele in March. He is currently in the league with Trinbago Knight Riders in the Caribbean Premier League.

By the way, Gail's performance in his career is very good: as I write this article, he has 13,226 games in first-class games, 13,189 games in the A list, and 13,296 games in the T20 season.

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