Dinesh Karthik: The spirit of cricket is a gray area

Published:24 August 2020

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If bowlers are found lingering outside the crease without being criticized and debated about "cricket spirit", they should be allowed to throw the ball. These are the thoughts of Kolkata Cavaliers Captain Dinesh Karthik, who wants the rules to be "watertight, black or white."

"I think that whenever the batsman crosses (the line before the ball is sent), the bowler should be allowed to create a jump," Kartic told Kriketnakes. "I don't think there is the spirit of cricket problems. Because I think if a batsman doesn't go, where is the spirit?

"I think you need to be fair. You should take it out of the hands of the pitcher and the referee. Or you can't come out, that's all. There is no doubt that you have to ask the captain, the referee and those I think when the delivery The batter should definitely stay within the crease, it's that simple.

"If the batsman is out, then the bowler can remove the bail, there is no doubt about that. Because that means every time the batsman does this, people will feel that the bowler cheats by making a jump, and then every time A batsman ran two meters and cheated again. Why doesn’t anyone complain about the batsman’s backup? This has always been my opinion."

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When the cricket world reacted strongly to Ricky Ponting's views on the matter, Kartik reacted. In the "Cricket Match" podcast last week, the head coach of the Delhi capital, Ponting, talked about the "difficult conversation" with senior deputy R Ashwin, that is, using a golfer to do it at the end of the bowler hat. Back-up. He said: "This will not become our way of playing cricket."

Although the dismissal itself is within the scope of the law, MCC calls it a violation of the spirit of cricket. On the one hand, Karthik believes that it is unfair to judge the bowling ball that caused this dismissal.

He said: "The rules must be watertight. There is no doubt about whether it is black or white. It's that simple." "There should be no gray areas for people to use loopholes to discover. I think the spirit of cricket is that people are not satisfied with what they are doing. A huge gray area that tends to be used when doing things.

"Then they became a little too personal, they got stuck in the personality of the players and started to judge what people did. I think it's a bit unfair. I think the rules must be very clear. The rules should be clear or unclear if out Or not out, then the bowling team and the goalkeeper team can do it every time. It's that simple. If the rules apply to the bowling team, I'm sure that when they start hitting the ball, the opponent can do it too. It has to Very simple and clear."