Cricketers under 19 in Bangladesh tested positive for the coronavirus and are therefore quarantined

Published:20 August 2020

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Iftekhar Hossain, a Bangladeshi U19 cricket player who participated in the national training camp, has tested positive for the coronavirus and has been quarantined.

Bangladeshi U19 cricketer Iftekhar Hossain participated in the national training camp at Sher-e-Bangla Stadium in Milpur. He tested positive for the coronavirus and was quarantined for 7 days. According to an agreement established by the Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB), the first batch of tests took place on August 16, when all results were negative. But in the second batch of tests, Hossain was the only test with a positive result. The third batch of Covid-19 tests will take place on August 20.

MA Kayser, the development manager of the Bangladesh Cricket Committee, said in an interview with the media that Hussein will be taken care of by the committee. "According to the BCB medical agreement, he will now be in isolation. Although he is healthy, he is under close surveillance. We will provide him with everything during the isolation period. The next step will be decided by the BCB medical team." Kessel said.

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Bangladesh cricket stalled
The coronavirus pandemic has dealt a heavy blow to Bangladesh, with more than 100,000 active cases. Since the March pandemic, the Bangladesh government has announced that it has not yet closed. Due to the coronavirus, the Dhaka Premier League was postponed, and the home test series for Australia and New Zealand were also postponed.

However, Bangladesh is planning to visit Sri Lanka for the first time in six years to conduct three tests. The situation is so severe that BCB President Nazmul Hassan (Nazmul Hassan) suggested leaving Sri Lanka early. The original plan was for the players to go to Colombo on September 23 or 24 for a two-week quarantine and then train for the series starting on October 24.