Mohammad Abbas changes the game and casts a shadow over England's prospects

Published:7 August 2020

Mohammad cricket live

This is just a fact of life. Compared to Shaheen Afridi or Naseem Shah, being excited about Mohammad Abbas is the most difficult. Abbas is now 30 years old, but together with 20-year-old Afridi and 17-year-old Naseem, he looks middle-aged. His somewhat boring brows and tired face, coupled with a staggering pace than his pace, may lead you to mistake him for one of those uncles who actively avoid sitting at a sultry dinner party instead of sitting next to him.

However, wearing a cricket white man on him, holding a brand new red ball in his hand and waving the sun, this seemingly humble person will experience a metamorphosis. If it does not have any despair of survival, it will be Kafkaesque. Abbas in the bowler hat is not frustrated that he has been ignored. He knew he couldn't compete with Cool Kids for social media appeal or YouTube clips. He has no fascination, but it is worthy of appreciation.

Because there is no bell of Muhammad Abbas. He couldn't save his life because Jofra Archer took a ball to prove it. For example, he is not a gun guard like Shadab Khan, and he is not the most attractive at the press conference. He will not participate in too many marketing activities, you will not put his face on billboards in Pakistan, and if you find him drinking late night drinks anywhere, it may be better than hot chocolate.

Mohammad cricket live

When the stumps are out of season, Abbas is not half of the bowlers: 41 of his 77 test wickets involve trapping the batter in front or knocking down his stump. Unless Mohammad Rizwan (Mohammad Rizwan) is willing to remain unbeaten in the fourth innings, it seems that Abbas will not be a threat to Stokes, especially when the English is hit by his career. When entering this series.

However, Abbas has decided that he will not back down. Of the 6 goals he pitched to Stokes, only one shot a distance back. As he explored his weaknesses, everyone else became more fulfilled. This was the most fascinating ten minutes of the entire test, as the world-renowned World Cup champion superstar tried to stand with the low-key mid-speed bowler. Rizwan did not come. Everything belongs to Abbas.

He doesn't need others anymore. When Stokes charged at him again, Abbas smashed the ball a certain distance, and his subtle control of the seams made the sphere so subtle. When Stokes instinctively drove, the bat hit the fresh air. The ball has passed, and what you see next is the hook flying out from behind. Abbas discovered that Stokes did not believe there was a gap. Joe Root's face, an incredibly enviable photo, may be the only thing worthy of praise.

After half an hour, attention was removed from Abbas again. Everyone became restless, eager to catch a glimpse of the hyped Nasim Shah. Abbas will leave more surprises in his doomsday, and the whole world is watching another one. You hardly notice that Yasir Shah withdrew from the attack when he came in.

Abbas took off his hat from the referee and went somewhere on the border. The sun was back, and the cool children stole the limelight again.