The occasions where a team conceded a match in the International Cricket - Pakistan vs. India

Published:24 July 2020

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A fiery contest between Pakistan and India with the ODI series at stake came to a pale end controversially when India decided to walk away in protest at the umpiring decisions awarding the home team the game. The series's 3rd and final ODI game was played at Zafar Ali Stadium in the Sahiwal on November 3rd, 1978, which never hosted an International match. The series was played in the 40-over-a-side format, and India started with a winning score defending 170 in Quetta's first ODI, which was won by four runs in the game. Indians were bowled out at Sialkot for just 79 runs in the 2nd ODI, as Pakistan comfortably chased down the target to level the series.

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The decider was played after two of the 3-match Test series between the players. Anshuman Gaekwad anchored the innings in their quest to win the series as he put on 44 for Chetan Chauhan 's opening wicket and 119 with Surinder Amarnath. By the end of the 37th overs, India reached 183/2 with 23 more runs obliged for a win from the last 18 balls. With the 38th overshooting, Sarfraz Nawaz fired into Gaekwad in four consecutive bouncers, with all of them out of control of the prominent Indian opener. Javed Akhtar and Khizer Hayat on-field umpires didn't call any of the balls wide, as India's required equalization came down to 23 off 14 shots.
Captain Bishen Singh Bedi of India then called back the Indian batsmen Gaekwad and Gundappa Viswanath in protest of Pakistan 's tactics and umpiring decisions, which resulted in the match being granted to Pakistan as the home side also took the ODI series with it. This was the first time a team had ever lost in an ODI to the opposition in a game.