Denmark was never the same after the Eriksen incident in Euro 2020 against Finland

Published:17 June 2021

Manchester City

Some football moments are difficult to forget. Goals, hard tackles, celebrations, and tears are just some of the memorable events.

When it comes to injuries, the feelings are even more intense. A career-threatening injury always leaves an unpleasant memory, but it's worse when it's a life-threatening tragedy.

Christian Eriksen experienced the latter when he passed out during Denmark's Euro 2020 opener against Finland.

The Inter Milan forward fainted without being challenged and required immediate CPR from on-field medics before being carried off on a stretcher.

It was a terrifying moment that sent shivers down the football world's spines. After the incident, everyone was depressed, with the world united in prayer for Eriksen.

One of the first players on the scene was Denmark captain Simon Kjaer, who exhibited his leadership by resuscitating a teammate.

Before Kjaer was apprehended, the medical team took over and managed to resurrect the Inter Milan star, comforting Eriksen's partner.

These were the superheroes of a time when everyone was visibly terrified. Even in the face of terror and trepidation, they remained focused on helping save the footballer's life.

Although the athlete recovered quickly and even encouraged his colleagues to continue playing, the authorities should have called it a day.

The incident had crushed the Danish players' spirits, and they would never be in the appropriate frame of mind to finish the game, especially on the same day.

Denmark led the game until the sad incident, but they lost steam after the game was restarted.

After Kasper Schmeichel fluffed his lines, they allowed a goal – a header from Joel Pohjanpalo – that was a clear give-away.

The Leicester City goalkeeper would have stopped that header on another day, but he was disturbed following the incident.

Pierre-Emile Hoejbjerg also missed a penalty kick that would have tied the game for Denmark. All of this points to a wholly shattered team after witnessing a comrade fight for his life on the field.

Perhaps UEFA should pay more attention to footballers' mental health. What happened on Saturday should never happen again; no human being deserves to be subjected to such suffering.