How much Chelsea have made after beating Man City in the Champions League final

Published:3 June 2021

Manchester City

The two teams' revenues from the competition have been revealed following Chelsea's 1-0 win over Manchester City in the 2020-21 UEFA Champions League final. Both teams benefited greatly from their participation in the competition.

Reaching the group stage of the competition alone would earn a club £13.14 million. Following that, a club would receive £2.32 million for each group stage win and £770k for each tie.

Teams would be paid £8.16 million if they qualified for the round of 16, £9 million if they advanced to the quarter-finals, and £10.3 million if they advanced to the semi-finals. The Champions League champions receive £16 million, while the runners-up receive £13 million.

Chelsea won four of their group stage matches and drew the other two, earning them slightly under £50 million in prize money before the final. According to the article, the Blues' total revenues after winning the competition were around £70 million.

On the other side, Manchester City won five of their six group stage games and drew one, earning just over £50 million before the final. The Cityzens took home slightly over £60 million from the tournament, according to the newspaper.

The clubs are recognised for their achievements throughout the competition, but UEFA also divides the prize money among them based on the size of their television market.

Due to the size and marketability of England's top division, Chelsea and Manchester City would stand to earn more than clubs from other divisions.

Chelsea and Manchester City made more money from their Champions League group stages than most Europa League opponents.

To put the massive discrepancy in revenue into perspective, Manchester United earned more by being knocked out of the Champions League group stages than they did by reaching the Europa League finals.

The Red Devils made a £23 million profit from their Champions League group stage performance, which saw them finish third and demoted to the Europa League knockout stages. In comparison, despite placing second to Villarreal in the Europa League, Manchester United received only £8.5 million from their campaign.