Harbhajan Singh told about India’s World Cup win as well as MS Dhoni

Published:28 April 2022

ICC is confident

Mahendra Singh Dhoni is one of the best captains in the history of Indian cricket. When Indian cricket was eagerly waiting for a trophy, the responsibility of captaincy came on Dhoni's shoulder. Everyone knows the next journey. The best wicket-keeper batsman of the time gave the Indians suffering from trophy drought a taste of winning three major trophies. No captain before him has been able to show this achievement.

In the context of Dhoni's batting or captaincy, the first thing that comes to mind is the match-winning helicopter shot of the 2011 World Cup. Depending on the six that came from Mahi’s willow, the Indian subcontinent got the chance to celebrate the World Cup. It is said that all the contributions behind this World Cup victory belong to the captain MS Dhoni. Because, in that World Cup, he tied the team in a unique bond. But the cricketers of the squad do not admit it . Dhoni's former teammate spinner Harbhajan Singh is angry that all the credit for the 2011 World Cup win goes to Dhoni.

Recently, Harbhajan was commenting on Shreyas Iyer on sports channel Star Sports. When the issue of India's victory in the 2011 World Cup came up for discussion. According to Harbhajan, if Dhoni alone leads the team to win the World Cup, then what did the rest go there?

According to Harbhajan, "I do not understand a thing. Shreyas took Delhi to the final? So did the rest of the cricketers go to play ‘Danguli’? Australia wins the World Cup, Australia as a team is said to have won the World Cup. But if India wins the World Cup, Dhoni is said to have won the World Cup. If so, did the other ten go there to eat ‘Lacci’? What was Gautam Gambhir doing? What were the others doing? The team wins when seven or eight cricketers play well. ”

Along with Harbhajan, Gautam Gambhir, who played a glittering innings of 96 runs in the final, was also unwilling to accept Dhoni's achievement. Gautam Gambhir has publicly denied such an achievement of Dhoni. Yuvraj Singh won the award for the player of the tournament in the 2011 World Cup. So maybe they are unhappy to give the whole credit to the achievement of Dhoni alone.