The passion of Keralites for jackpots never ends; even drawn to international lottery tickets now

Published:15 January 2021

Keralites for jackpots

While lottery tickets are sold in Kerala for over Rs 90 lakh, people are now drawn to the international jackpots. Many are purchasing Abu Dhabi's Big Ticket lottery that has a whopping Rs 40 crore payout. It can be bought online. The ticket price, which offers a few prizes worth a considerable amount, is Rs 10,000.

Some individuals also rely on their family and friends overseas to buy the ticket. Keralites have won four out of seven prizes for a ticket drawn on January 3. This is proof that the Keralites prefer a lottery in the Gulf. The specifics of the ticket sales have not been disclosed by Abu Dhabi, however.

The entire prize amount can be won when friends in the Gulf countries buy the ticket. The amount is credited to the bank account if the ticket is purchased online, and the tax amount will be reduced. Approximately 30% of the amount would be taken as a tax. A party of individuals of 10-20 members buy the costly Large Tickets.

The Big Ticket Draw takes place on the third day of each month. Meanwhile, people have recently started losing interest in the Kerala government's Bhagyamithra Bumper lottery. It offers Rs 1 crore as first prize to five winners. In the first phase, 44,83,300 tickets were sold, and 31,82,000 tickets will be sold in the second phase.

Yet people want tickets that are worth enormous prizes. All 44.10,000 Onam Bumper lottery tickets with the first prize of Rs 12 crore have been sold out. Pooja Bumper was also absolutely sold out with Rs 5 crore as a first prize when 30 lakh tickets were printed. All the 17 lakh Christmas Bumper tickets with Rs 12 crore as first prize have been sold. The draw will be carried on January 17.