Kerala Lottery ticket sale has risen to 90 lakh per day

Published:13 January 2021

Lottery ticket sale

Kerala Lotteries have resolved the financial trouble caused by the COVID crisis. In the survey taken up to the last week of 2020, it was known that the Kerala State Lotteries Directorate sells up to 90 lakh lottery tickets every day.

A total of 1,20,000 tickets were sold per day in November, setting a record. At present, through lottery sales, the state government earns around Rs 30 crore per day. When the price of the ticket was fixed at Rs 40, sales increased. Five draws are also taking place every week.

Since March 2020, the weekly lottery tickets that used to be drawn on all seven days of the week have been cancelled for over 90 days since the lockout was implemented.

Later, except for Thursdays and Sundays, the draw was scheduled three days a week and only for five days.

A total of 46 lakh tickets were printed when ticket sales resumed in September 2020. Now that's been multiplied. In 18 new locations, lottery sub-officers were opened, and the selling of fraudulent tickets was stopped, which also helped increase the revenue.

To check if the lottery is real, a mobile app called 'Bhagyakeralam' was prepared. The QR code on the ticket can be checked by users using the app. Seven types of security features exist for tickets developed with the technological assistance of C-DIT.