Three Lotteries Wins in Three Consecutive Years

Published:4 January 2021

Three Consecutive Years

It's a story of sheer persistence. Some people have made a random investment in buying lottery tickets but have not won a single prize.

There are others, on the contrary, who won a jackpot on their first purchase. Seeing the second group of people, we often think winning a lottery is a matter of luck. The story of RP Manoharan tells us something else.

Manoharan won not one or two, but three lotteries in three consecutive years. Although the prize money is not as open-minded as previous stories, we still rank it among India's biggest lottery wins because of its persistence.

Manoharan won the first lottery in 2016. The jackpot prize money was 65 lakh, which he spent on renovating his house and setting up a small business.

The prize money was 70 lakh the following year, slightly higher than the previous year. A lot of us would have stopped investing our money in the lottery after winning two consecutive jackpots. But Manoharan's intention was a different one.

He kept investing in the lottery that brought back the third consecutive jackpot win worth 70 lakh.

In an interview, Manoharan said that the three consecutive wins were not the result of his luck, but that he had always been persistent in buying lottery tickets throughout his youth.

He had spent a lot of time buying 5000 lottery tickets in a month that, he believed, had given him jackpots. As he said, if you remain passionately persistent, your efforts will be rewarded in every way of life.