Doctor couple won ₹ 8 Crore lottery in Mumbai

Published:23 December 2020

lottery in Mumbai

The husband-wife Ashok, and Kriti Patel living in a city like Mumbai, used to have a busy time. The doctor pair, like most other educated middle-class average citizens, had never felt the urge to purchase a lottery ticket.

They had thought that winning a lottery prize, let alone a jackpot, had never been their destiny.

As they were strolling past the Mumbai sea beach on their anniversary day, they saw an elderly lottery seller stationed by the road selling tickets. The man appeared burdened by his poverty and age.

While the couple realized that the lottery was not their cup of tea, they agreed, out of sympathy, to buy two tickets from the old vendor.

The lottery seller gleefully thanked the pair, and the duo of doctors took their leave with a smile.

During the weekend, they were shell-shocked as they carelessly reviewed the lottery results!

They won the first prize worth a whopping ₹ 8 Crore, which in terms of prize money was the biggest lottery win in Mumbai. Ashok and Kriti were both in the ninth sky, as they had never thought this lottery ticket could offer them so much.

The doctor's couple agreed to buy a flat in Bandra with the money because they considered Mumbai a little challenging to live in. They sent their two children to the best schools and ensured that they had a stable future.