The Youngest Lottery Winner of India

Published:4 December 2020

Youngest Lottery Winner

Indian nationals always got luck in lotteries in the United Arab Emirates, especially the Dubai Duty-Free’s Millennium Millionaire. There was also another Indian national who won the top prize of $1 million (over Rs 19 crore) in the Millennium Millionaire Series 323 draw held at Dubai International Airport, but this winner was not the same as most of the other lottery winners.

That's because Ramees Rahman bought his ticket online, under his son's name, Mohamed Salah, when he decided to participate in the Millennium Millionaire raffle. For around a year before this, Ramees Rahman had been playing the lottery but had never won anything to date. Thus, you can imagine his surprise and excitement when the winning ticket of his son, number 1319, was chosen as the winning ticket in the draw. Good fortune surely smiled on Ramees Rahman's family because his son should have been able to enjoy the advantages of such a win literally for a lifetime as Mohamed Sala is just one year old!

Ramees Rahman said that he is extremely delighted with this great news and he thanks Dubai Duty-Free for this fantastic promotion, and the future of his son is now well secured.

This news makes Mohamed Salah one of the world's youngest lottery winners!