India's biggest lottery Winners - Part II

Published:23 November 2020

biggest lottery Winners

Who are India's biggest lottery winners? In this article, we're going to take a look at the list of names that made a fortune in a flash.

It's good to have a lot of money, for sure. But unlike playing for a huge amount, it's just as easy to lose it in one fell swoop. Are these winners still living luxurious lives, or did they waste all of that money until nothing was left? Shortly, we'll answer these questions.

Mojiful Sheikh
Mojiful Sheikh was looking for a place to live for himself and his family in Kerala. He also wishes he would build a house for them one day. Then he came across a man who was trying to make ends meet by selling lottery tickets.

Mojiful Sheikh decided to buy lottery tickets with all the money he made from his whole paycheck, knowing full well of the hardship he was faced with himself. Although friends and family might frown upon spending your entire paycheck on lottery tickets, it ended up being something that paid off big time.

It may have been enough for Mojiful Sheikh to finally build his dream house, with a grand prize of Rs1 crore (or just more than $100,000 USD). Yet in so many ways, a good deed can truly pay off. For Mojiful Sheikh, he is living proof of that.
RP Manoharan
They say that that’s all when you win the lottery once. But does lightning hit the same place twice... or even three times? Ask RP Manoharan and he's going to give you an affirmative answer.

In India, RP Manoharan was the only man who won the lottery not once, not twice, but three times. In lottery winnings, he made well more than $300,000 USD in total. His 1st win came 3 years ago when he scored Rs 65 lakh and invested the money in his business.

The 2nd time he won, it was Rs 70 lakh, which went to his house renovation. He was able to net another Rs 70 lakh the year after that. He managed to total up to around Rs 205 lakh, all told.

RP Manoharan pointed out that he has spent almost Rs 5,000 per month on lottery tickets since he was a young man. So his winnings came to him not through a stroke of luck, but through consistency. The question remains: if he wants to, will he go for an unprecedented 4th time?