India's biggest lottery Winners - Part I

Published:20 November 2020

India's biggest lottery

Who are India's biggest lottery winners? In this article, we're going to take a look at the list of names that made a fortune in a flash.

It's good to have a lot of money, for sure. But unlike playing for a huge amount, it's just as easy to lose it in one fell swoop. Are these winners still living luxurious lives, or did they waste all of that money until nothing was left? Shortly, we'll answer these questions.

Porrunan Rajan

Porrunan Rajan, a Kerala resident, may have kissed his ticket for good luck. But it turned out to be a gold-made kiss. There was a ton of debt wrestling by the rubber tapper.

On a whim, in a last-ditch attempt to change his fortunes, he decided to purchase a lottery ticket. He went to the bank to make another loan payment after the purchase. Unbeknownst to him, this will be his penultimate loan payment.

Porruna Rajan woke up to check the lottery numbers the next morning. He saw that the lottery ticket he bought were matching numbers. He was so shocked and he called his son to do a double-check.

Porruna Rajan won Rs12 crore (nearly $1.5 million USD) . Porruna Rajan made his final payment for the loan and used the money to buy a new home and invest in the education of his daughter. Porruna Rajan is also looking for long-term investments that he hopes will make a comfortable life for him and his family.

Ashok and Kirti Patel

The Patels were a married couple who happened to serve as doctors. It seemed like it was only worth a shot when Kirti Patel decided to buy a lottery ticket. As a result, that shot paid off big time.

The ticket ended up netting a whopping Rs 8 crore for the Kirti Patels (equivalent of $1 million USD). At the time it happened in 2008, it was considered the biggest jackpot ever won in the city of Mumbai. The Kirti Patels were smart with their money, unlike most lottery winners across the world.

They managed to leave Mumbai and move to another part of India after getting the money. They managed to provide a better education to their kids and travel around the world. If only there were some of those who could learn a lesson from the Kirti Patels about properly managing their money.