How To Play Lotto India In Three Simple Steps

Published:17 November 2020

Play Lotto India Steps

Every week of the year, on Tuesdays and Thursdays, the online Lotto India holds draws, and it is up to you to determine which draw you wish to participate in. You have to purchase your ticket online to play and then select your numbers. You have to choose six numbers between one and fifty when selecting the numbers, and one joker number between one and five. You will claim the jackpot if you match all seven numbers, plus the joker ball.

    This is how-to-play in three easy steps with Lotto India:
  1. To register and buy a ticket, go to the official online website.
  2. Choose six numbers and one number for the joker.
  3. Wait for the next draw, and shortly afterwards, the results will be presented.
There is a winning reward of 4.26 crore rupees in the daily weekly draws and 42.61 crore rupees in the Bumper drawings. You can receive a fixed price of 42.61 rupees if you match between two and six numbers. You can earn a free bet on any future Lotto India draw if you match the Joker Ball.

You will get a notification shortly after the draw if you win a fixed prize, and then you will be credited to your online lottery account soon after. A Lotto India agent will send you a phone call shortly after the draw if you win the jackpot, so make sure you have the correct details about the phone number linked to your account. In less than four weeks, you will be asked to provide some necessary information such as age, address, and passport, and when completed, the money will be wired to your bank account.