Vegetable vendor wins Rs1.11 crore of lottery prize, discovers that the ticket was fake

Published:13 November 2020

Vegetable vendor wins

When he won a whopping Rs1.11 crore in a lottery competition in Maharashtra, Suhas Kadam thought that it was the end of all his problems.

Little did he know that his problems would last longer.

For the last 5 years, Suhas Kadam, a 44 years old vegetable seller and a helper by profession, has been purchasing lottery tickets. As he got details about the winning lottery numbers, Kadam was so excited.

In order to collect his prize, Suhas Kadam, a resident of Nalasopara, went to the lottery department, but was told that there were 3 claimants for the same prize. He was then informed by the officials of the lottery department that the prize had already been awarded to the person who had a genuine ticket.

Following Vashi's State Lottery Department headquarters told him that his ticket was fake, Suhas Kadam filed a complaint at Mahatma Phule Police Station.

He also requested the police to investigate how fake tickets are being sold inside recognised lottery centres. Suhas Kadam also said that after the incident, he was left embarrassed as his relatives kept congratulating him.

The lottery officials said the tickets are printed with a special barcode inside RBI-controlled units and can therefore not be replicated. The lottery official, however, expressed concern about the distribution of fake tickets across the state.

Currently, the police are investigating the case and will be recording the statements of other claimants too.