Government lottery in India

Published:29 October 2020

Indian Online Lotteries

The Indian government lottery has been around since 1967 and provides state governments with a great source of income.

Each government draws the winning numbers of national lottery games with the official state lotto present ensuring a fair draw.

Most of the lottery games are made and sold in a single state only, but there are some games that are available in few states.

Two different types of draws - weekly draws and bumper lotteries, are provided by state lotteries.

Weekly Draws
Weekly draws are the lotto games that are played weekly and generally offer tens of lakh jackpot prizes.

Usually, the tickets for weekly state lottery draws are inexpensive and can even cost as cheap as Rs.2.

But please bear in mind that the cheaper the lottery tickets are the lower the prizes are.

Bumper Draws
The largest government lottery games that are available are Bumper Lotteries. It is most often in combination with some of the celebrations in the state that provides the games.

The fact that each game only occurs once a year and the jackpots will go up to Rs.10 crore is what makes Bumper Lotteries games so fascinating!