Is it legal to play online lotto games In India?

Published:22 October 2020

legal play lotto

Lotto games are commonly played in India on the Internet, but are they legal?

The legal situation is very complicated surrounding Indian online lotteries. Online lotteries are not illegal, but are not legal either. This is confusing, right?

This is because the lottery laws set in India and its states are outdated. They were all written before anyone had access to the internet and are thus are difficult to interpret in online settings.

Indian private lotteries are prohibited by the law, but this does not apply to international lottery sites because they are located outside of India.

What you need to understand is that in India, NO ONE was punished for playing online lotto, but there were countless winners!

Legal Lottery States
There was a nationwide ban on private lotteries in 1967, but if the state government wished, they were permitted to set up their own games.

The first state to launch its own lotto schemes was Kerala the same year.

There were a number of states in the following years that followed in the footsteps of Kerala and began their own state lotto games.

More rules were set by the Lottery Regulations Act 1998 on how each government was permitted to set up their lotto games and dictate their own lotto laws. As a result, in 13 Indian states, you can enjoy both national lotto games and legal online lottery games.

The legal lottery states in India as below:
Arunachal Pradesh
Madhya Pradesh
West Bengal