Ways To Pick Numbers in Lotto India?

Published:20 October 2020

Pick Numbers in Lotto India

Will you have numbers that are lucky, or are you always working out the best way to play India's Lotto? There are a lot of numbers-picking methods, so if you are looking for inspiration, check out some of these various ideas.

Personally Significant Numbers
Using numbers that are memorable or significant to you is one of the most common ways to play. You could base your option on family birthdays, addresses where you have lived, or even a portion of your telephone number. If you have unique numbers that mean a lot to you, a greater sense of optimism will be encouraged that they may come up in the next draw. Imagine if you had drawn a set of numbers that were personal to you and you didn't choose them!

Random Numbers
Playing random numbers is quick, and straightforward.T o have a random collection of numbers generated immediately for you, you can opt for a Fast Selection. Keep doing it until you have some numbers that you want to play if you don't like the look of your pick. Another benefit of random numbers is that it is less likely that you will get the same set as someone else. It might be that many other players had the same range if you selected a more identifiable pattern. The jackpot for Lotto India is shared between winners, so you want to give yourself the best possibility of not having to share the prize.

Apply Statistics
In Lotto India draws, reviewing statistics is a perfect way to see which numbers have previously come up. You can easily see the numbers, both from the main set from 1 to 50 and the five Joker Balls, have been drawn the most or the least.

The Statistics page also displays the most obsolete stats, common pairs, and more. You will then decide to base your panel on your statistical findings for the next draw.

Multiple Boards
For every single panel, the odds of winning are the same, regardless of how you choose your numbers, so the only way to maximise your chances is to pick up more entries. E.g., if you play five panels and select a different Joker Ball for each, you'd be guaranteed to receive a Free Bet Bonus. It could just be that you end up winning the top prize as well!