Sports Betting: Common Sucker Bets

Published:16 September 2020

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Each sport has what they call a sharp book, with some sports having more than one. One example is Pinnacle Sports which offers reduced juice -104 pricing on NFL sides despite not accepting US players and takes up to $30,000 maximum bets with multiple max bets permitted for this game. Pinnacle Sports is well regarded to be one of the most daunting sports gaming sites to beat, even though they usually give what appears to be decent odds.

Meanwhile, (accepted by US players) is also a great book in several respects. Since they were the first to offer betting odds, have an excellent reputation for quick payouts and no personal cap collars, welcome US players, and have betting limits of up to $ 50,000 per bet on NFL football point spreads.

The opposite of sharp books that service professionals are "square books" or "recreational sportsbooks" in more politically correct words. Bovada, an online betting platform with a significant reputation that only allows citizens of the United States to open accounts, is a clear example in the US market. It has little interest in professional players and therefore publishes their betting odds far closer to game time than other platforms, provides smaller maximum bets, and on all markets, it does not offer money lines. As we cover below, Bovada is a fantastic place for lower or mid-level players while targeting casual players.

Now that you have a brief introduction to sharp books and square books, let us show you some of the ways this material can be used.