Tips & tricks to win big on Live Teen Patti table

Published:2 September 2020

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Some of you may know Teen Patti as Flash, Flush or 3-Card Brag. Teen Patti has gained popularity in the live casino world, since trusted providers including Betconstruct , Ezugi and Super Spade Games have launched their version of this exciting Asian card game.

Live Teen Patti isn't a very complicated game. Of course, it needs some skill and knowledge, but it also relies heavily on luck so you don't have to stress yourself too much with tactics and betting systems to boost your winning chances. The most important thing is having fun and winning rewards. If you want to master the game as fast as possible and become a good Teen Patti player, we will share some tips and tricks with you.

Learn the rules of the game
Learning is the first step at mastering anything. Before you can make some plans and devise complicated tactics, you need to know the basic rules and terms about Teen Patti first.

Understanding basic poker rules is also beneficial if you want to get into playing Teen Patti, because the game follows more or less the same line of card play as normal poker which consists of betting, dealing and showdown stages. Please remember that different versions of Teen Patti from different manufacturers may have an altered set of rules, so before you start betting real money, always read through the game instructions and betting options.

Play blind
Specially for players who enjoy Teen Patti online is recommended to play "blind" for the first couple rounds. It is a good tactics move against players who hurriedly decide to see their cards and decide to make smaller or bigger bets according to what they've seen. These are hits you should follow and assume they have weaker card combinations or strong hands. "Blind" players show some level of confidence and that makes other bettors feel less confident.

Start small, and gradually increase the stakes
If your initial hand is strong and you make a big bet immediately, you will straightforwardly disclose that you have a good combination. Teen Patti isn't a game you could instantly win. It is not a sprint, it is more like a marathon and you should bear in mind that several betting cycles will take place before other participants drop out. Start with minimum stakes and slowly increase the stakes to get the maximum outcome.

Don't get discouraged by losing a few rounds
No player wins all the rounds. The ideal way is to win more games than you lose, and end up you come out of the rounds with some money to spare. Don't expect to get rich overnight playing Teen Patti as this isn't a game of that kind. Be patient and try not to gamble irresponsibly. When you start feeling tired, take a break and return with a fresh mindset.

Set your gambling budget and be prepared for anything
Before you start to play the game, set aside a budget for gambling that you believe will be enough for that day and don't spend anything over the amount allocated. Furthermore, remember that Teen Patti is a game of chance and you may lose no matter how well you have followed advice or implemented your tactics. While you may have a good set of cards, there could be another play with the best possible set of cards.

In the same vein, Teen Patti is an unpredictable game where players can fold unexpectedly giving you an opportunity to win even if you don't pack a set of good cards as long as you're the last player standing.