Introduction and rules of Teen Patti

Published:1 September 2020

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Teen Patti is one of the simplest and easiest card games, one that has been slowly but steadily popularized throughout the Western countries, after being one of the favorites card games in Southeast Asia for many years.

The fact that it plays out as a simplified 3-card poker version makes it appealing to international players, which undoubtedly prompted top live casino suppliers to launch their versions of this fascinating game originating in India. The game is known as 3-card brag in some regions (such as in the UK), but sometimes you'll find versions called Flush,Flash or Teen Pathi, which translates to “3 cards”.

How to Play – The Rules Rundown
There's nothing out of the ordinary about how a Teen Patti round begins, so if you've ever played poker before or any card games, you shouldn't have any problems starting this game decently. A Teen Patti game has accommodated up to 6 players, but with the exception of the dealer the least number of participants can be three. Just one card deck is used which consist of 52 regular cards, without the Jokers. The round begins with placing a bet, and then the croupier hands out three cards to each player in a counterclockwise direction. The cards have been dealt face down.

Depending on whether the players want to continue playing "seen" or "blind", they might look at or not look at their cards. Staying in the game requires one more bet to be made. The folding option also opens up at this stage, so if you think you don't have a good enough hand, you can choose to fold and lose your original wager but at least you 're not going to risk any extra money.

In the case of if you choose to look at your hand, your next bet must be double the original bet. Whoever chooses to play "blind" can make a standard wager without increasing the bet stakes. The betting continues until there are 1 or 2 players left. If all players choose to fold except for one, all the money in the pot (the amount of all wagers made up to that point) will be won by the last surviving gambler. If two players are left and they reveal and compare their 3-card hands, the better-ranked player hand wins. The cards are not shown until all but two last players have folded. The last player and the dealer compare hands in the live casino version of Teen Patti, the cards of dealer cards are dealt face-up. There's also no pot; instead, every ranking of hands comes with a corresponding payout, just like in a poker game.

Payouts of Teen Patti
The Teen Patti hand rankings are in ascending order as below:

No pair (high card) - no combination, the highest card is the value of the hand.
Pair (Double) - 2 same ranked cards
Flush (Color) - 3 same suit cards
Straight (Sequence or Normal Run) - 3 consecutive cards but no need to be the same suit
Straight Flush (Pure Sequence or Straight Run) - three consecutive cards of the same suit
Three of a Kind (Trio) - three of the same cards and same rank The best trio is three Aces while the lowest trio is 3 deuces.

The initial bet payouts 1:1 for Straight, 3:1 for Straight Flush, 4:1 for Three of a Kind, and 5:1 for an Aces trio set. If you want to wager on any of the given side bets, the payouts will be substantially increased for specific hand rankings.
Side Bets
There can be side bets involved, depending on the Live Teen Patti game provider. The version of the Super Spade Games has a Pair Plus Bonus Bet while Ezugi's Live Teen Patti has a Pair or Better and an optional bet of 3+3 Bonus. The Pair Plus Bonus is the version of Super Spade Games that wins when the hand of player consists of a pair or better and pays even odds for Pair, 3:1 for Flush, 6:1 for Straight, 30:1 for Straight Flush, 40:1 for Three of a Kind and 50:1 for an Aces trio.