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Published:18 August 2020

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Bet type for a beginner
Some of you who are new to sports betting will stick with more straightforward wagers while having a better understanding of how sports betting works. We would suggest that you start with winnings, money lines, spreads and bets over/under. When you are confident with these types of bets you will find some of the more complex types of bets like parlays.

How much should I bet?
Here we can not have a response that will work for all people reading this post. How much money you will be betting on any single bet will depend on a variety of factors. All of these considerations are your risk appetite, the type of bet you make and the size of your betting bankroll.

If you don't have a bankroll management plan already in place, we will advise you to establish one as soon as possible. Bankroll management strategies are designed to help you decide how much you can invest. Instead of betting all your bankrolls at once, you'll bet a small portion of your bankroll to help prolong its existence.

Will I need to use all those types of bets?
Definitely no. If you're willing to bet using only one of the two forms of sports betting mentioned above, that's perfectly fine. Mostly, it's up to you to select which types of wager you'll use in your betting strategy.

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Are all those types of bets available in all sports?
No. Various sports and sportsbooks associated with them would have different wager styles. The best thing you can do is try out an online sportsbook, to see what choices you can find for the sports you want to bet on. Bear in mind that things can differ between sportsbooks, so checking out many and seeing which one offers you the most comprehensive range of betting choices is always a great idea.

What types of bets are the riskiest?
When you're trying to stop risky sports bets, you can steer clear of bets on parlays, teasers, pleasures, when, back, and permutation. Because each of these types of bets allows you to make more than one pick, their risk is increased over the other wagering forms. The bet type with the highest risk is usually permutation betting, because of the way of this bet type. .