Betway Concludes Webinar on First Sport Development

Published:22 September 2020

Betway Concludes live cricket tv

Dago Stormers, the pioneer guest team in Sports Production, received fitness equipment including soccer balls, agility ladders, mannequins, slalom balls, coaching boards and more, courtesy in Betway, at the end of the webinar.

Biko Babu's coach said they appreciated the training webinar immensely and were looking forward to applying the experience and skills they have to learn in their games. The fitness equipment will also go a long way in assisting as they hadn't had it before and were struggling in their workouts.

The webinar took place in two sessions highlighting the sports science and a mentorship opportunity for the team involved.

It was an excellent first Betway Sports Webinar, and Betway is pleased with it. Betway is delighted to have been able to profit from the knowledge provided by the speakers by the Dago Stormers team. Betway hopes that in the future this will have a positive effect on their games and that they will step up and compete in the national league.

In the coming weeks, Betway is expected to announce the launch of the second session of the Sports Production Webinar and the related guest speakers.