The Betway Arena Games Week 8 winner is Trikytee

Published:21 September 2020

Trikytee Betway live cricket tv

Eight weeks into the season of Big Brother Naija Lockdown and with just nine housemates left out of the original twenty, the one thing housemates know for sure is that anything can happen. All that the housemates felt they knew about fruit was checked for this week's Betway Arena games. Trikytee has shown that he can manage his fruit to become the winner of the Betway Arena games this week.

Earlier in the day, for the Betway Trivia, which was performed in the backyard, housemates were matched into teams. Both teams delivered their best competitive results, but ultimately Team White prevailed.

The walls were decorated with big paintings and cut-outs of trees and fruits for the Arena games, which gave housemates a jungle feel. The housemates were timed, as usual, and had to stack 5 oranges on top of each other for the first obstacle.

Speed was required for the second challenge, but the housemates were only allowed to walk, so they had to walk as quickly as possible to pick three different fruits from a basket consecutively and place them on a table labelled A. They then had to draw each of the fruits which they picked on Betway's blank canvas.

The third challenge saw the housemates ransacking a vast bucket for an apple full of fruit. They had to locate the apple without removing the other fruits from the bucket, and this became a significant challenge for the housemate as anticipated.

Trikytee time the best of all the housemates at the end of the day and had added 20 BBNaira to his Betway wallet as a reward.

As headline sponsor of Big Brother Naija, Betway continues to cultivate a spirit of rivalry among the housemates, as well as the show's fans and viewers. Betway continues to add to the BBNaija experience's thrill through a range of gaming games, both on the TV show and Betway channels – everything offering viewers the opportunity to play and win.