First UK Bookmaker Betway to Remove Transfer Betting

Published:28 July 2020

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Betway does not consider betting on the transfer market for football any more. The bookmaker describes betting on player movements as a "grey field," and last week stopped providing odds on player moves.

Betway consumers will no longer be able to bet on football transactions because the bookmaker is closing the competition all over their territories. The bookmaker, who works in the United Kingdom, Malta, Italy, Denmark, Spain, Belgium, Germany, Sweden, Mexico, South Africa, Ireland and Portugal, has urged other bookmakers to follow their lead and ban their activity.

While Head of Corporate Communication, Algar did not specifically discuss any specific case, two recent high-profile cases involving footballers have raised questions about the market for transfer betting. They are likely to have affected the decision of the bookmaker.

Current Liverpool striker Daniel Sturridge was suspended from all football activity in March this year until June 17 after the Football Association successfully protested against the scope of its suspension for violating betting laws. The 30-year-old was initially issued a six-week suspension and fined £75,000 last July after being found guilty of supplying inside information to his brother on a planned move.

Sturridge told his sister to place bets that he will make a move in 2018 from Liverpool to Seville, a transfer that failed to materialize. The FA found the six-week suspension to be too lenient and enticing, resulting in an extended four-month suspension and a doubling of its fine to £150,000.

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Sterling's club Trabzonspor agreed to a mutual termination of its contract after being found guilty of violating betting laws. The former England international had been at the club for six months only, having signed for the Turkish side as a free agent for three years.

Sturridge has explicitly or implicitly ordered bets to be made at a value of nearly £14,000 according to the FA. Suspicions were posed when attempts were made for betting a further £20,560. Given the drop in these bets, the possible winnings from these bets would have totalled £317.006. The other case includes England's Kieran Trippier full-back, who has been fined by the FA with 'betting infringement abuse.' It is alleged that the former Tottenham player made knowledge of his £ 20 million moves to La Liga club Atlético Madrid available for 'close mates' in 2019.

The FA has fined trippier under its E8 betting regulations. These claims, 'all registered professionals (athlete and club management) shall not bet 'directly or indirectly, or advise, authorize, cause, or allow any person to bet on the outcome, development, conduct, or any other aspect related to, a soccer match or competition.'

The FA has clarified that those rules apply 'without limits' to all football betting and include player transfer, squad selection, disciplinary problems, and manager jobs.

Trippier has to respond to the FA charge by this Friday.

Betway did not disclose the financial effect of that decision. Alger described the business as 'profitable,' but claimed that they were willing to make a sacrifice. He added that based on what's happening on the pitch, consumers would enjoy their sport, not what consumers read in the newspaper and gossip.