Overview of Bet365 site

Published:19 August 2020

bet365 soccer cricket

According to a new analysis from Receptional, there are approximately as many Google searches for bet365 among UK customers as there are for its top three rivals combined.

'What's new in Gaming PPC as part of a new eBook,? 'Receptional announced that every month searches for the brand bet365 exceeded 6.5 million (6.504.290), with searches for its nearest rivals William Hill (3.14 million), Sky Bet (2.74 million) and Ladbrokes (1.66 million) reaching just 7.5 million.

Receptional, a digital agency formed in 1999 to specialize in search marketing, also highlighted Google's three main factors in assessing the quality of ad campaigns and, in effect, deciding how much an advertiser wants to pay – ad click-through rate, ad relevance and page experience.

bet365 soccer cricket

The eBook ultimately allows online gambling marketers to target mobile advertising, as "internet traffic accounts for 80% of searches in most consumer markets."

In the meantime, it also includes "significant and exciting improvements" to targeting viewers and growing Google's search ads by 76% as well as sensitive search advertising, ad extensions and video ads.