How to verify your account on bet365

Published:4 August 2020

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After signing up an account with Bet365, you need to verify your new account for you to access and withdraw your winnings. And that is something that has greatly differentiated it from other various existing online gaming sites in terms of the security of users.

Firstly, login to your Bet365 account using the password provided during the initial sign-up process. Click on the 'services' tab located at the top right corner of the webpage, then a drop-down menu will appear, and select the “Member” from the list. This will direct you on another list. Click "My Account" from the list of options and finally click "Know Your Customer" option.

How to verify your account on bet365?
Fortunately there are few methods you can use to verify your account. Verification of the Bet365 account is a 2 steps process. And you only need to complete one of the verification options in each step. You don't have to complete all options, just pick the option that's easier for you to complete.

Step 1- Account verification on Bet365
A) Upload your ID document
You must upload one of the following documents if you choose this option:
Your passport, ID card or driving license
This option is fairly easy to complete as we all have the needed documents, just scan one of the documents and upload it.

B) Upload Your Supporting Documents
You must upload your birth certificate in this option. Option A is much more simple than providing the birth certificates, so we recommend you to select option A in step 1.
You can email the documents to if the upload service is not available.

Step 2 – Bet365 Account Verification
A) Upload your ID document
You must upload one of the following documents if you choose this option:
Your passport, ID card or driving license
But if you already select this option in Step 1 then you won't be able to select the same option, so you need to choose one of the other options listed below.

B) Upload the Supporting Documents
You will need to upload one of the following documents in this option:
bank statement, credit card statement, council tax bill, utility bill, land line or mobile phone bill. Also ensure that the document contains both your full name and residential address as registered on your Bet365 account. The documents should not have expired, and statements or bills should be dated in the last 3 months. And please blank out but the first six and last four digits of your card number for credit card and bank statements.

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C) Fill in your postal verification code
You can also use your postal address to verify your Bet365 account, but the process takes longer - usually 15-20 days.
To do so, just login into your Bet365 account using your password and click the “Services” tab which appears at the top right corner of the webpage. This will lead you to a drop-down menu with the 'Member' as one of the options. Click on this to move to another smaller list. Select "My Account," then go to the "Know Your Customer" mini-tab as mentioned above.

Select "Postal Verification" from the list of available verification options, and then proceed to fill in the correct postal information. You'll receive mail from Bet365 with the postal code within two weeks.
Now go back to the "My Account" section and fill in the secret code under the KYC verification tab. Your account should be completely verified after completing one option from each step, and you can withdraw your winnings using any of your preferred platforms.
Please note that the method you use to verify your Bet365 account will depend on your country of residence and urgency.